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Featured bCard Discounters

This is just a lil' tastee taste of the places you can go with your bCard... check out the big list on our Discounter Page!

* Sitka: 15% off all RRP Sitka clothing.
6 Osborne St, Newmarket

* Dirtbag Hideout : $6 ciders, 3 beers for $20 at the Dirtbag Hideout, every Wednesday at the Kings Arms. 59 France St, Newton

* Flying Out: 10% discount on everything over $10 at Flying Nun's new online store, stocking Flying Nun, Arch Hill, Fishrider Records, Muzai Records, Captured Tracks and more. Enter your bCard details when you create your account.

Remember, the bCard is your key to discounts around town, winning prizes on air, and getting into 95bFM events for cheap (if not free). And it's only $9.50!!

You can grab your bCard now online, or from the 95bFM Offices, Sitka Newmarket and Real Groovy.