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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

  • Kings Arms Quiz at Kings Arms

  • DJ Kendall Elise at Golden Dawn

  • Poetry Live: Matariki Celebration at The Thirsty Dog

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

  • Cosmic Compositions at Ponsonby Social Club with Addison Chase & Milo B

  • Ping Pong and Downtown Brown at Barrio

  • InsideOut Open Mic for Writers at One2One cafe

  • Monopoly Child Star Searchers at Golden Dawn

  • The Warehouse Sessions: Avalanche City Album Launch at The Upper Room

  • Cross Beat Pollination at Ironbar Feat Foy, Jzealous And Kvmvl

Thursday, 9 July 2015

  • Deat Beat Boys, Violet Highway, Skinny Hobos & more at Kings Arm's Tavern

  • Dylan C at Bedford Soda & Liquor

  • Occupational Therapy at Ponsonby Social Club with Dylan C,Milo B & Onny Kaulima.

  • Freak of the Week at Barrio

  • Violet Highway, Dead Beat Boys, Skinny Hobos, and She Loves You at Kings Arms

  • “Not Funny” Comedy at Golden Dawn + DJ Monopoly Child

  • The Alpha Sessions at Matterhorn Auckland with Ladi6

Friday, 10 July 2015

  • B2KDA (Batucada Sound Machine) + Guests at Kings Arms

  • Sal Valentine & Rose Alice at Bedford Soda & Liquor

  • DJs Dan Paine, Frank Booker & Jerm at Ponsonby Social Club

  • Back & 4th at Barrio with Manuel Bundy, TDK, Murray Cammick & Greg Harper

  • Heavy, Cheats, Roidz and Kip Mcgrath at Whammy

  • Dead Beat Boys, Bloodnut, Skinny Hobos and Bakers Eddy at Backbeat

  • Tom Cunliffe and The Last Minute Men at Golden Dawn with Saan Barratt

  • Keys to the Church at Ink with Bevan Keys and Greg Churchill

Saturday, 11 July 2015

  • Shepherds Of Cassini 'Helios Forsaken' Album Release Show at Backbeat with guests Saturnian Noise Collective & Hide and Tallow

  • The Echo Ohs, The Moonlight, The Beths, & more at Lucha Lounge

  • Winter Chaos at Kings Arms with Exordium Mors, MetalTower, Horrendous Disfigurement and more

  • Ahoy + Bhuja Mix & Team Navajo at Bedford Soda & Liquor

  • DJs TDK & Grantis at Ponsonby Social Club

  • High Rotation at Neck of the Woods with Dylan C, Liam Shift, and more.

  • DJ Downtown Brown + Laughton Kora at Leigh Sawmill

  • Moses EP Tour at Golden Dawn

  • HDSPNS, Bespin + More at Whammy

  • Reaving, Smoking Daggers, and Blazing Shade at Kings Arms

  • Gute Kunst at Ink with Greg Churchill, Simon Flower, and more

  • Hermitude and Young Tapz at The Studio

  • DJs Blind Mango Chutney and Flex at Real Groovy

  • The Benson Breeze, Dukebox and DJ KillaManRaro at Dogs Bollix

Sunday, 12 July 2015

  • The Circles Trio at Hallertau

  • Sunday Jazz at Golden Dawn with Storehouse Blues

  • Yellowcard and Mayday Parade at Zeal

  • DJs TDK And Grantis at Ponsonby Social Club

  • DJs Murray Sweetpants and Carl WS at Real Groovy

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